Stallion Spirit Month

posted Oct 15, 2018, 11:58 AM by St. Stephen School

Stallion spirit month begins on Friday October 19th. Show your Stallion Spirit to help support the United Way!  There will be various Spirit Event s throughout the month which will help support Our United Way initiative!


Friday October 19th-- Chandail de Sport- Cheveux fou / Wacky Hair and Sports Jersey Day----Bingo in the afternoon!

Friday October 26th-- S’Habiller comme M. Santos/Dress like Mr. Santos Day! Get your tie and moustache on. Raffle Be principal for a day! Tickets 3 for $1

Tuesday October 30th- Tombola de citrouilles de l’Halloween / Pumpkin Raffle

Tuesday October 31st-- Orange and Black Day/ Journee orange et noir

Friday November 2nd -- Pyjama et Copains de lectures/ Pyjama day and                                                                                                       Reading/ Math Buddies block