Stallion Spirit Week

posted Oct 27, 2017, 8:44 AM by St. Stephen School

Stallion spirit week begins on Monday October 30th. Show your Stallion Spirit and bring in a toonie to help support the United Way!


Monday/Lundi-- Chandail de Sport/Sports/Jersey Day----Bring a Toonie

Tuesday/Mardi-- Orange and Black Day/ Journee Orange et Noir

Wednesday/ Mercredi- Pyjama et Copains de lectures/ Pyjama day and Reading Buddies block

Thursday/Jeudi-- St. Stephen Spirit Day- Wear Green and White or your Stallion Gear!  Journee de St. Stephen- Porte le Vert et le Blanc

Friday/Vendredi-- Crazy hair/hat day/ Journee de cheveux/chapeau fous