Thanksgiving Mass and Terry Fox Run

posted Oct 5, 2016, 4:04 PM by Craig Skinner
This is a reminder that we will be having our Thanksgiving Mass with Monsignor Muldoon on Thursday, October 6th, in the gym, at 10:10am. Parents are welcome to attend and celebrate with us. 

Later in the day, we will be holding a Terry Fox Run for Grade 1-6 students during last block (1:45-3:00pm). The Kindergarten students will be having their own run that day, during third block. All students are encouraged to bring $2.00 to make a donation to the Terry Fox Foundation. This event will be run by the teachers for the students. No parent volunteers are required, but we appreciate the kind offers to help.

Finally, we hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and the students enjoy their four day weekend. We look forward to hearing about their celebrations when they return to school next Tuesday.